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Effective support for building confidence and self-esteem for disadvantaged, vulnerable, sick or disabled children

Tammy offers a free* author visit to talk to children about learning the language of emotion. Children are then empowered to express their feelings effectively, building self-esteem and confidence, which are vital skills to manage their emotions and behaviour.

Tammy believes that by freeing children of a negative mind-set they will be better mentally prepared to face their challenges with confidence and clarity.

During the visit, Tammy cleverly shares some of her own life experiences at a level that children of all capabilities will be able to understand and in some cases, relate to.

Introducing and using her own creation 'The Secret in the Rainbow' characters,  she is able to connect with children and encourage them to join in once the activities begin. She will work with your establishment/ charity to make sure that any issues of a sensitive nature will be explored with care and confidentiality.

What a Deputy Head Teacher at a Special Needs School in North London had to say…

I had the chance to look at the book (for less abled readers), and thought it looked great. The wording is simple enough but still gets the message across. The pictures are bright and colourful without being too distracting. The speech bubbles makes it easier for read as text is in smaller chunks. Great!

*Tammy has two versions of her book for sale, one which is aimed at 8 - 11 year olds, and the other which is aimed at younger or less abled readers. To qualify for the free author visit, a purchase of 10 or more books is required. Please contact Tammy for more information.

*Tammy is based in Chatham. There is no cost involved to cover travel expenses for establishments and charities within a 10 mile radius.  

 *Over 10 miles - Car use: 0.45p per mile.

 *Over 10 miles - Public Transport use: to be discussed at time of booking.