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Much more than just a book - Here is something that could help to improve the lives of children everywhere!

"Give me the confidence to believe in myself;

Learn to use my voice positively;

And understand my emotions.

In return, I will shine brighter than the stars!"

The Secret in the Rainbow – A Gift of Positivity

This colourful activity book, is full of exercises designed to boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem. In-between the activities there is a story about a determined young boy, Leon, who embarks on a magical adventure of self-discovery with the Secret Rainbow Children. He often gets trapped in a negative mindset, believing that he is useless, and that he hates everything! However, deep down he longs to be confident and positive. Will the Secret Rainbow Children be able to help Leon? And

will he have the courage to face his fears, and learn to believe how truly fantastic he is? The Secret in the Rainbow – A Gift of Positivity – is suitable for primary aged children. This book is unique as it is designed to encourage children to write and talk about their feelings, and create an opening for discussions which highlight and tackle any negative thoughts and emotions that they have; giving them the confidence to move forward.

How to use the books

These books are designed to help children build self-esteem and learn the correct language to express their emotions effectively and develop the resilience needed to cope in society. Incorporated into the story are activities relevant to the chapter being read. Each activity allows the child the opportunity to relate to the story, characters, and experiences, and record and reflect upon their feelings. Once completed, the book becomes a permanent record of a child's learning journey and the child should feel more confident to deal with the challenges of life. In order to fully understand the activities, it is advisable for a child to have read the story up to the activity they intend to complete. A wide variety of expansion activities are suggested in the back of the book. These can be adapted and incorporated during any chapter or once the book has been completed.

Age 8 – 11 The Secret in the Rainbow

A fun and colourful story entwined with many activities to get young minds thinking! Go on an adventure with Leon, Confidence and Courage and see the possibilities of how you can become more positive, gain more confidence, and shine with some extra self-esteem.

Age 5 – 7 and Less abled readers

Due to popular demand, Tammy has created a second version of The Secret in the Rainbow. It has been carefully adapted with younger children in mind. Tammy also received positive feedback from a Deputy Head Teacher at a North London Special Needs school. The Deputy Head felt that this version of the book would also be very beneficial to the less abled, disadvantaged and disabled children.

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