Tammy Clark

I am a wife, and a mother of two boys under the age of 10.

Early on in childhood, I experienced many ups and downs in life. My parents divorced when I was age 9, which led to the moving of schools, and home, many times over the years that followed. In my teens I experienced life with the ‘wrong crowd,’ and bulling! At times being the bully, at other times being the victim. At the age of 19 I lost my Nan to cancer, which sadly was the start to the loss of an entire generation of my family, and more, over the following decade.

After having my second son at age 26, I experienced a severe period of postnatal depression. It was during this time, when my recovery from this illness began, that I realised how many times my life could have spiralled out of control. It was apparent how important it had been to me during different stages, that I had someone a little stronger, or braver, whom was able to guide me back down the right path!

Around this time, I was also beginning to fall out of love with a career that had given me many highs; one that had allowed me to make some dreams come true, and build a life that I could be proud of. However, in my heart things no longer felt right. After all that I had lived through, I began feeling a major tug that my life's journey had to involve helping others in some way. That was when I began exploring the idea of creating something that could help children at a young and impressionable stage in their lives. My light bulb moment, was when I realised, that the things that I had gone through were happening every day, to children all over the world!

For several years I researched all the ways that I could turn my desire to help children into reality. With my love of art and writing, it made sense to me to create a book that would excite children, yet at the same time educate them about themselves. Once I had made that decision, The Secret in the Rainbow was created. With the help of Ella Norman, we took the first draft of the book out to 100’s of children aged 5 to 9, in several schools, across Kent and South East London.
The feedback was very positive, both from the children and the teaching staff. With all the feedback from the children, my improved knowledge, and Ella’s input, we have been able to create a much better version of the original book. I now hope that The Secret in the Rainbow will bring happiness and freedom to all the children who need it.

Ella Norman

In 2013 I decided to take a career break from my profession as a lawyer to allow me to devote time to my husband and 3 sons aged 9, 6 and 2; I could not have predicted the speed with which a new opportunity would present itself.

I love spending time, having fun with children, and am often told that I have a special affinity and bond with them. I am ‘the mother hen’ on the school run with a clutch of both mine, and everyone else’s children, surrounding me like chicks; all vying for my attention. Children regularly share their experiences with me, and I gain an insight into life from their prospective.

I have noticed that having high self-esteem generally means that a child achieves more at school and in life. Simply believing in themselves, makes so much difference.

I am also passionate about education. I spent 2 years volunteering once a week, in a nursery and a primary school listening to children read, and helping them learn, with a view to acquiring qualified teacher status. It was a wonderfully fulfilling experience, which confirmed my vocation to spend my second career immersed in children and education. I was still volunteering, when Tammy approached me for help with her enchanting story ‘The Secret in the Rainbow’, and her goal of using the book to inspire children in the UK to be fantastic, I accepted without hesitation. From that moment we set to work together making the dream a reality.

I quickly realised, with the help of a lifelong friend, and university lecturer, that "the first lesson to learn about teaching, is that the 'teaching' is not the important part, it's the learning that counts". Although The Secret in the Rainbow is designed to promote self-confidence in children, it was important to us that by the end of the book, the children had a record of their learning journey. As a result we incorporated the story into an activity book.