For the Teacher!


Building Self-Esteem and Confidence!

Free motivational assembly, to build self-esteem and confidence. Run by, Tammy Clark, the author & illustrator of The Secret in the Rainbow, with a purchase of 60+ books.

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For the Groups & Charities!

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FREE Author visit to your establishment!

Motivational visit from Tammy,  author & illustrator of The Secret in the Rainbow. Building self-esteem and confidence within children. Terms apply. 

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For the Kids!

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Your time to shine!

Celebrate and share all of your greatest achievements. It doesn't matter how big or small the achievement is, it is still just as important!

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For the FREE Stuff!

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Free downloads with no limits!

Posters, certificates, behaviour charts, teacher resources and much more. All FREE when you subscribe to the website. Subscription is also FREE!

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For the Parents & Carers!


You're not alone!

Here you will find blogs that have been written by Tammy, with grown ups in mind!
Although ultimately, she hopes to inspire and help children, Tammy understands that being responsible for the well-being of a child isn't always plain sailing!

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For the Book!


The Secret in the Rainbow - A Gift of Positivity 

A story and activity book full of exercises designed to boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem. 

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What Parents are Saying!

Teresa and her boysTeresa – A mother of two young boys from Surrey: I sat down with the boys last night to read some more of the book, and do the activities. My husband was watching us, and he said to me “look how engaged the boys are, I've never seen them like this over a book.” It was lovely to teach the boys to express their emotions and ask for help. I also found out something about our son, he told me, if he was feeling sad (at school), he would wait for one of his friends to notice, and they tell his teacher for him, or ask him to join in their games. This was really insightful and we spoke about how it would be different if he could tell someone. Thank you so much, we are really enjoying the story, and are up to the word search page, our son loves word searches, so he was thrilled when he got them all right!

An Endorsement from Cheryl Baker

cheryl-baker-smaller-photoCheryl Baker: I think The Secret in the Rainbow should be included in the school curriculum because it shows that children are different in every way - some lack confidence, feel they are not as good or as important as other children and are singled out etc. This book highlights the fact that all children are different and deal with things in different ways. The book would definitely help children with their mental health and  they would be able to relate and learn from it. It would go a long way to help  children understand why they feel like they do and would show them that they are not alone. 

Believe You Can! Author Sue Williams

Home Page Sue WilliamsSue Williams: By following my intuition, I was led to connect with Tammy Clark and Ella Norman who do wonderful work with primary school children.  It made perfect sense to me that we came together as our goals are very similar.  As a woman in my fifties I understand what it is like to be raised in a time when it was common to shut down our emotions. We were often valued for meeting other’s expectations and by being quiet and conforming.  Tammy and Ella are seeking to bring happiness, confidence and freedom of expression to a new generation, growing up in a world where the opportunities to find your own voice and to be heard are far greater than ever before. I am seeking to help those that have already grown, and to bring them the confidence they desire. Believe You Can!

Tony Herbert – Printer and Publisher

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“Give me the confidence to believe in myself,
learn to use my voice positively,
and understand my emotions.
In return, I will shine brighter than the stars”

UR Fantastic is our brand new client and those inspirational words may be found across their website.

UR Fantastic produces books and courses for primary school- aged children.  The Secret in the Rainbow is a beautifully written and illustrated series of books — the first in the series is already in print - which have been lovingly crafted by their creators, Tammy Clark and Ella Norman.  The books and the courses that UR Fantastic provide will help children with their general skills, and most importantly will enhance their self-esteem; help them to shine brighter than the stars, as it were.

Print2Please is delighted to be asked to help Tammy to bring her vision to as many children, their parents and teachers as possible. Our extensive print experience, publishing record (a recent enterprise but learning fast!) communication skills (you be the judge) and  above all our belief and passion for UR Fantastic’s vision are why Tammy has entrusted us to be a partner in her very important work.

We believe that self-esteem is the main building block of good mental health. As an active campaigner, I recognize that to improve the way children with mental health issues are treated in this country, it is essential that they are in good mental health in the first place.   This is why The Secret in the Rainbow is so important. Children love the stories and assemblies, which is why it works so well.

Check out Here you will find my message Tammy and Ella which is Margret Mead’s inspirational comment, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."   We love what you are doing and we are so pleased that you want us to help you do it!

Tony Herbert - Print2Please Limited - 0845 389 3860